Hot Springs Map for Western Canada: interactive and free


Free interactive map to Western Canada’s hot springs!

Caution when using these maps and data. Hot spring coordinates could be off significantly.  We need GPS coordinates checked and improved. Please help.

How to use this map

Read accuracy statement below first.

On the left side bar use the drop down arrow to show list of over 160! hot springs in western Canada. You can click on names in this list or pins on the map. Either of these methods will show various data including: coordinates, comments on the accuracy of coordinates, description, and if collected, temperature, pH, and total dissolved solids measurements, etc. And, if added already, you can also see site photos. Submit your photos in comments.

There are options to show a satellite image background, or get directions to a site using Google Maps…although be cautious.

Please help

If you visit hot springs, please collect GPS coordinates by simply using your cell camera and post photos in the comments below. Most cell phones automatically embed GPS data into photos. I will then update the Google map data. I will also post your favourite photo to the map pin. Just submit your contribution to the comments below. Share on social media to help get more contributors and to make this the finest interactive map of hot springs of western Canada.

New and missing hot springs?

There must be many more hot springs undiscovered and not represented on this map. Some on the map are phantom springs. If you find or know about any unreported, or newly discovered hot springs then let me know by writing in the comments below. I heard there is a magical one full of monkeys!

Coordinate accuracy and phantom springs

Be cautious when using these maps and data. Hot spring coordinates could be off significantly, and some clearly are. One problem is that some published coordinates contain too few decimals to be accurate – help! Some locations are general coordinates for an area where “phantom” springs have been lost in our fading collective memory – and for you to re-discover! Using the interactive map you can get coordinates and read accuracy notes from the table data. We assume no liability when you use any information or data in this article or map.

If you visit a hot spring, please collect GPS coordinates and photos and share them via the comments below. Most cell phones automatically embed GPS data into photos. So, by sharing cell phone photos I get the GPS data.

Origin story

A couple of friends of mine just returned from a winter vacation in British Columbia. The highlight was visiting two outdoor hot springs set in a natural winter wonderland. They were lit up describing the magical experience. I was envious!

The missing map? Because I want to have a similar experience, and am an enthusiastic geographer, I wondered where are the hot springs in western Canada? I didn’t have much luck finding a maps online.  So using the latest scientific surveys I compiled the data and produced this map database of info on hot springs for western Canada.

Enjoy! …and please don’t forget to contribute to make this an awesome resource for outdoor adventurists.

Written by Tim Johnsen,

Feb 16, 2017

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are the GPS coordinates and routes to western Canada hot springs you have visited? Are there any missing from our map? You can also upload hot spring photos in the comments section and we’ll add it to the map data.

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Dr. Tim Johnsen is the founder and president of ProGeoscience Consulting. He is a senior geologist specialized in Quaternary, surficial and overburden geology. He integrates a suite of specialized skills to create high quality geologic reconstructions that are tuned to solve the particular problems of his clients – on budget and on time. He turns the complex and often intimidating world of Quaternary, surficial and overburden geology into the predictable and


2 Replies to “Hot Springs Map for Western Canada: interactive and free”

  1. The Kennedy River hot spring on Vancouver Island has been reported but has not been found. Anyone got some more local information or hints on finding this illusive hot spring? Stains on river bank rock? Ice-free sections in winter? Rising steam?

    From a 1970’s report, “Kennedy River – Kootowis River (Map 92F/4E). Hot springs have been reported near the lower rapids on Kennedy River and somewhere along the Kootowis River. The Kennedy River springs are alleged to occur on the north bank a mile or so above the mouth at Kennedy Cove on Tofino Inlet. They are said to be subject to flooding during times of high water. At the time of the visit the water was high and the spring could not be found. The Kootowis River enters Tofino Inlet at Grice Bay 5 miles southwest of Kennedy Cove. Its valley was explored for the entire length but no thermal springs were found.”

    PDF of report is here.

  2. Lost/possible hot springs in my area. Are HD IRed air/sat photos available for SE BC around 50N, 118W that would show up small hot springs?

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